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Welcome to Learn To Sharpen Academy! Sharpening can be a very rewarding career in many ways. Learn a trade that can be performed just about anywhere. Become self employed and sharpen full time or just supplement your current career by sharpening part time. There are numerous ways in which you can tailor your sharpening business to meet your needs and fit your lifestyle.

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We offer courses on the following topics:

*Introduction to sharpening
*How to start a sharpening business
*How to sharpen & repair beauty & barber shears
*How to sharpen & repair grooming shears
*How to sharpen beauty, barber, and grooming clipper blades
*How to repair grooming clippers
*How to repair barber/beauty clippers

We began providing in-person sharpening training in 2013. After years of training and meeting some fantastic people we concluded that we were spending a substantial amount of face to face time, that our students were paying for, covering basic information and fundamental concepts that could be learned before they traveled to our location and began training with us in-person. That's why we created Learn To Sharpen Academy.

Just to be clear, because we wouldn't want any kind of misunderstanding about this, sharpening is not done using a computer nor is it something you can do online. The sharpener (you) must physically perform manual tasks that require hand-eye coordination, knowledge, and skill. In order to develop that skill we STRONGLY recommend that you attend in-person, face to face training with an experienced sharpening instructor. But, there are a lot of things that can be learned online so that you can obtain some knowledge now more conveniently and for a fraction of the cost. This will help you get the most bang for your buck during in-person training by allowing you to spend more time on practical application because you already know the basics. That's what Learn To Sharpen Academy is here for. We don't teach people how to blindly follow step by step sharpening processes. We help people understand what needs to be done to make the tool function properly for the intended purpose and the various techniques used to sharpen and repair them based on that understanding.


There are a lot of excellent sharpeners out there. There are also a lot of excellent instructors out there. However, in our experience, there are very few excellent sharpening instructors out there so do your due diligence before you pay someone and spend your hard earned money to travel hundreds, or thousands, of miles to learn from a self described "Master" sharpener. What makes us different than other "Master" sharpeners you ask? We have been tested (numerous times) by an independent nonprofit organization, the National Beauty Tool Sharpeners Guild, Inc. and our work was evaluated by a panel of qualified judges who are also NBTSG certified Master Sharpeners, not some scissors company salesman or "factory" representative who have never serviced a pair of used scissors. We have met their standards and earned the right to use the title NBTSG certified Master Sharpener. Jesse is a state certified Fire Instructor and FEMA qualified CERT Trainer. He has also spent years training people in the military so he has lots of experience as a hands-on instructor teaching, and developing training material, for technical subjects.

This warning also goes for all those YouTube sharpeners who are happy to share their sharpening secrets and techniques with the world for free. There's something to that age old saying that "You get what you pay for." There is a lot of good information available online for free. However, the problem for most people who are just getting started in the sharpening business is determining how to distinguish good information from bad information. You don't know what you don't know. That's why we're here. We will help provide you with a solid foundation of knowledge about scissors and clippers, how and why they work, and the proven techniques and sound concepts you need to understand in order to properly service them.

Learn To Sharpen Academy offers training courses from a variety of other instuctors. We have viewed all of the material and, while we may have differing opinions in some areas, we consider it to be relevant to our personal philosophies and worthy of your consideration. Otherwise, it wouldn't be available here.

Thank you for choosing us for your sharpening education needs. We wish you the best of luck on your journey. Please be patient with us as we continue to develop and improve our course offerings and material.

Jesse & Dawn Hockett
NBTSG certified Master Sharpeners

Introduction to Sharpening - Our Journey

This is a 30-minute introduction video by NBTSG certified Master Sharpeners Jesse & Dawn Hockett, owners of Shear Precision Sharpening. They talk about their journey through life that brought them to where they are now, self-employed professional sharpeners with a successful business that they enjoy. Get to know a little about who they are and what makes them different as sharpening trainers and sharpening equipment distributors. Shear Precision Sharpening provides hands-on technical assistance and training for various professional grade sharpening systems used to service the beauty, barber, and grooming industries including EZ-Vex, Hira-to, Hamaguri, Twice as Sharp, Nebraska Blades, and Foredom.