Our Journey

This is a 30 minute introduction video by NBTSG certified Master Sharpeners Jesse & Dawn Hockett, owners of Shear Precision Sharpening. They talk about their journey through life that brought them to where they are now, self-employed professional sharpeners with a successful business that they enjoy. Get to know a little about who they are and what makes them different as sharpening trainers and sharpening equipment distributors. Shear Precision Sharpening provides hands-on technical assistance and training for various professional grade sharpening systems used to service the beauty, barber, and grooming industries including EZ-Vex, Hira-to, Hamaguri, Twice as Sharp, and Nebraska Blades.

Each lecture in this course has a comments section at the bottom. If you have any questions write them in the comments section and we will be notifed and respond with an answer.