Course Introduction / Setting Expectations

This course is meant to be an inexpensive introduction to sharpening for the beginner. It is intended to provide you with some fundamental information about terms, concepts, theories, equipment, and the industry so that you can make some informed decisions about how to proceed before spending thousands of dollars on equipment and in-person training. It is NOT an all inclusive, one stop shop to learn the sharpening trade.

Be advised that this course was never intended to be a fancy, high speed online course with all the bells and whistles that professional videographers produce. The videos of us instructing one of our students were meant to be a resource for them to use as a reference after their in-person training. They were not recorded to create this online course. We decided to use them for the course so that we did not have to spend a lot of time shooting and editing video instructions in order to make an online course. We made that decision in order to keep the cost down. Professional quality video courses are more expensive because of the amount of time it takes to create them. This course is only $50 because we wanted it to be accessible to as many people as possible. If you are looking for one of those high end, professionally produced master class videos then you are in the wrong place.

We've done our best to try and make sure that any "missing" visuals in one lesson should be covered in other lessons in the course. If, after completing all of the lessons in the course, there's a basic term, concept, or explanation that we've missed please let us know and we'll address it. Please remember that this is an introduction course so it will not cover everything. Also, some things just don't convey well in videos which is why we also strongly recommend in-person training.

We hope this course helps you along your journey.

Thank you.

Jesse & Dawn Hockett

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